Shark Tails through the goggles of a sea loving Zoologist

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Latest MISSION from our Large Marine Vertebrate Project, Philippines (LAMAVE) team - Above Giants Expedition - #whaleshark conservation from the sky! We’ve got the tags, we now need a boat….A FLYING BOAT!!

Watch Marissa Fox’s video for LAMAVE’s entry to National Geographic Expedition Granted+ - if we win they’ll give us $50,000 for whale shark research. 

What will the boat will allow us to do?

To further explore the waters of the Philippines and South East Asia, searching for new aggregations of whale sharks from the sky (much faster and more efficient than by sea).  Mapping aggregations will help us determine key areas for whale sharks in South East Asia which will enable us to create better protection for these amazing animals. Uncovering aggregations of adult sharks would be a massive step in helping solve the mystery of where whale sharks may be reproducing.

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Did you know that whale sharks can grow to up to 20 metres long and are believed to live up to 100 years old?

The largest whale shark (caught off of Taiwan) was measured at 20 meters in length, while the smallest (found free-swimming in Donsol, Philippines) measured only 46 cm long. However, sizes at birth can vary. A whale shark caught by fishermen in India still had a yolk sack attached and measured 94 cm, while researchers recorded a shark measuring only 61 cm without a yolk sac inside a pregnant whale shark in Taiwan.

Marissa Fox and the Large Marine Vertebrates Project need your help to find and protect critical whale shark habitats. Share the video in the link below and ask your friends to do the same. Your vote will make a difference!

Camera : Canon EOS 5D Mark II Aperture : f/5 Exposure : 1/100th Focal Length : 75mm

Throw back Thursday…to village life!  Love the little villages in the Philippines, quite different to the ones we have here in the UK… you can probably guess which villages have more fresh coconuts and which have red postboxes.

On the road again! ✈️ Never leave home without at least one #pelicase ! #love #travel #itsasmallworld 🌍

Saving the oceans via Skype! ;-)

Our LAMAVE team comes from all around the world - Italy, Argentina, USA, Wales, Belgium, Ireland….and of course the Philippines - this means when we’re on the road a lot of our planning happens via the help of the tinternet!

This is a cheeky snap of this mornings chat with the wonderful Marissa Fox and Kate So, two of our team coordinating things in the Philippines at the moment.  Just look at their smiling faces!!

Kate filmed Marissa for our latest LAMAVE MISSION ‘Above Giants' - our entry into National Geographic Expedition Granted+ competition.  The idea > to study whale sharks from the sky with the help of a flying boat!  Check out her video HERE and share our entry #abovegiants