Shark Tails through the goggles of a sea loving Zoologist

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It’s begun! #wildscreenfilmfestival #wildscreen14

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Here’s a few snaps from my LAMAVE talk to the Cardiff Naturalists Society on Monday.  

The talk concentrated on the whale sharks of the Philippines, our research and some of the threats the whale shark, listed as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List is facing.  

Education and outreach is a great way to raise awareness - only by sharing what we are learning, can we move forward together. 

Big thank you to everyone who came along, the pleasure was all mine!

Interesting article in the guardian from Sir David A, expressing his sorrow over the state of TV Documentaries.  Read more HERE

The sad thing is that you’d think that the more stations there are, the more varied the output, but the practice is the reverse – the more you get, the more similar they become.” 

Really looking forward to Wildscreen film festival next week, with dreams of accidentally bumping into Sir David himself, everybody’s grandfather of natural history, legendary broadcaster, explorer and producer.

If only I would be so lucky. 

Here’s the bloody face of fishing bycatch :-(

This is a large female great white, that was caught off California by a squid fishing vessel.  They fish for squid, but clearly their methods mean that they are not selective.

Bycatch has many faces - sharks, dolphins, turtles… the common denominator is that they are all wasted life.   

We need to stop overfishing.  We need to stop thoughtless fishing, Greedy fishing…. 

Think about the source of your seafood.   Don’t buy fish covered in other animals blood.


Been a bit quite recently. :-|

Blame it on traveling, packing a new set of clothes (winter wardrobe) and finishing final touches on tomorrows talk.  Some lunatics ;-) have given me an hour to talk about these bad boys…though I have to admit, I’m pretty excited! Love sharing the work we do in the Philippines. 

See you tomorrow Cardiff.


(photo is by the lovely Steve De Neef)